Friday, October 25, 2013

How to Stop a Leak in a Water Pump Seal

How to Stop a Leak in a Water Pump Seal

The water pump seal prevents water and antifreeze from leaking out and overheating your vehicles engine. According to AA1Car, most water pumps are designed to go 100,000 miles or more, but its not unusual to see leaks occur after 50,000 or 60,000 miles. Replacing the entire water pump is often necessary in putting a stop to the seal leak.



    Pour a liquid radiator/water pump stop-leak product, such as Bars Liquid Radiator Stop Leak, into your vehicles radiator. The radiator is usually located in the front of the engine. The liquid stop-leak product poured into the radiator will flow to the water pump seal and possibly seal or slow the leak. Ensure that the radiator is not hot, and your vehicle is running before pouring the solution into your radiator. Stop-leak products are not a permanent solution and will only serve as a temporary fix.


    Replace the entire water pump. You will need to know your vehicles exact make, model, year and engine type in order to purchase the correct water pump for your vehicle.


    Find or purchase your specific vehicles repair manual. Because every vehicle is different, you will need your vehicles specific repair manual to successfully replace the water pump. The repair manual will describe in detail step by step instructions on how to replace your vehicles water pump. You can purchase or find a repair manual for your vehicle at automotive stores or at your local library.

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